Aktiv Leg, is a Danish company that started in 1999. Since then our core competence has been developing, producing and installation of quality playground equipment.

Before we started Bouncing Pillows where generally tall and had steep sides, which made it difficult to use for smaller kids, and they had an increased risk due to the fall height. Since then Bouncing Pillows has become lower, which makes it more accessible for all, safer, and gives it a larger usable play area.

But we have also helped make other changes to the Bouncing Pillow market, with the addition of our exclusive model with an inflatable fallguard, which offers even longer life expectancy, better safety and no maintenance. Furthermore, we are actively involved in making a new standard, where Bouncing Pillows are currently covered under EN 14960 for inflatable playground equipment.

It is our mission to help kids all over the world to get a better and more healthy life, trough exercise and play, and we believe that there is no better way to achieve this, than by a Bouncing Pillow.