Bouncing pillow – a safe addition to the playground

It is commonly known that the leaning ability of kids are improved after physical activity. It is our belif that the bouncing pillow is amongst the best playground equipment, when it comes to including everybody. And there are several other advantages, like:

  • Fun and effective exercise
  • Increased motor skills
  • All sizes and ages want to participate
  • High security through extensive product development



In contrast to other inflatables covered by EN 14960, the standard for Inflatable play equipment, bouncing pillows can be used without constant supervision, because of several key differences between them and other inflatable equipment.

The two main differences between the bouncing pillow and other types of inflatables is that: Many other inflatables has walls/roof which can collapse onto a user in case of failure. Furthermore, they are made to be movable and not a permanent construct. Which means a higher frequency for inspection and a risk of it getting lifted by strong winds, if insufficiently tethered.

Bouncing pillows on the other hand has no collapsible constructs and are permanently fixed in the ground, and therefore has eliminated the biggest safety issues with inflatables, and this is why it can be used without supervision.



Bouncing pillows and safety.

There are no current up to date statistics over injuries on bouncing equipment, but older surveys showed trampolines as the main hazard with both inflatable bouncing castles and bouncing pillows as a meer fraction of the total number. While the two inflatables where at a similar level it should be noted there has been some confusion as of which is which, and the numbers are therefore not conclusive.

But since this statistic was made, we have made many improvements to our bouncing pillow, which has ensured fewer injuries, greater play value, and longer life expectancy of the bouncing pillow.

The 3 largest improvements to the Aktiv Leg model are:

  • A fixed frame that ensures a lower pillow, which gives easier access, and protects the users from great falls.
  • An integrated, inflatable and maintenance free fall guard, which gives longer life expectancy and works as a impact attenuating area.
  • Automatic regulation of blower pressure, to prevent overloading of the pillow and lessen the risk of users jumping into each other.