Bouncing Pillow with inflatable fallguard

A bouncing pillow with fallguard differs from other types of inflatable play equipment, since the necessary impact attenuating surface is an integrated part of the product. This means that the safety levels are always okay, the play value is heightened and the life expectancy is extended.


The bouncing pillow with fallguard is certified after EN 14960, the standard for inflatable playequipment. In this certification there where made extra considerations, and it was assesed that supervision isent needed since there is no change in safety levels, with or without a supervisor.


The Danish certification agency ”Teknologisk Institut” wrote the following in a rapport concerning the bouncing pillow with fallguard:

”The bouncing pillow with a pressurized fallguard, in question, is a new construct which solves a considerable part of the injuries, that happens on the traditional version of the bouncing pillow. We a t Teknologisk Institut can, without any concerns, recommend the type of bouncing pillow in question.”


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